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          What made
          us professional
          R&D Produce Quality

          Production Capacity

          What made us professional

          • MAKINO EDGE2 type C-axis spark machine (Japan)
          • German BOY injection molding machine

          Kingly Gear Provide advanced high-tech production equipment, strictly control quality test system.

          • Have more than 150 sets Swiss imports Wahli Hobbing Machine.
          • Have CNC comprehensive tester, gear automatic detector,gear automatic projector and other precise testing equipment.
          • Strictly follow the ERP production system, own 40 full automatic assembly production lines,and have strong productivity.
          • Have passed ISO9001,TS16949 system certification.
          kingly Insights. Our perspectives on critical issues motor industry face in a challenging environment, news about new products delivered to your inbox.
          Guangdong Kingly Gear Co.,Ltd 粵ICP備14024751號